21_Connect is a not-for-profit advocacy group focused on educating the community about individuals with Down syndrome. Based in Buffalo, NY, we’re all about connecting people and sharing stories. Therapists, educators, agencies, medical professionals, parents, families, friends, and individuals with Down syndrome are all encouraged to join us on our quest to spread a little love, one connection at a time.

Advocate. Educate. Support. Love. #downsyndrome

21_Connect is a Not-For-Profit Organization

Please contribute to the 21_Connect mission!  We appreciate any and all levels of support; thank you for your consideration!  We are a 501(c)(3) organization and your donation is tax deductible.  If you would like any additional information please contact us by email at connect@21connect.org or by phone 716-427-3575.

Donation ideas:

$21 – we kinda like that number 🙂
$47 – representing that extra chromosome
$121 – our founding date, January 21st
$300 – the cost of a small connection basket we donate to families having a child with Down syndrome
$500 – the cost of a large connection basket we donate to families having a child with Down syndrome


Advocate: {verb} – to publicly support

We believe in a future where a diagnosis of Down syndrome does not drive a mother to her knees, but instead is a celebratory moment, much like any other baby being born.

Educate: {verb} – to provide with information

Trust us, people with Down syndrome possess many strengths and individual talents. 21_Connect and other organizations are here to help you along your journey.

Support: {verb} – to assist or help

21_Connect believes the birth of a baby with Down syndrome is meant to be celebrated.  For this reason, we have created several support programs and we offer our own personal experience, if your family would like to _connect.

Love: {noun} – strong affection for another

The Down syndrome community is a tight-knit one, one where you have friends for life.  We invite you join us and share the love.  Please email or call 716-427-3575.