World Down Syndrome Day 2019

Welcome to World Down Syndrome Day 3-21-19!



Today, we’d like to celebrate all individuals with Down syndrome.  It is a day we can embrace all of our unique differences.

What would we like people to know about Down syndrome?

The biggest thing we’d like people to know is the amazing potential of individuals with Down syndrome. This is not a condition that needs to be ‘feared’ or ‘avoided’. When someone having a child first learns that they may have Down syndrome, there can be a lot of questions. A lot of concern and fear.

The well-intentioned medical community, or even self inflicted online research, can present parents a litany of what-ifs and potential scenarios. This can really be intimidating. This is largely because Down syndrome is not a super common condition. Only about 1 in 1,000 births. So, our personal support networks, and even doctors, may not have that much first hand experience on the topic. But one thing we’ve found to be super helpful, as parents of a child with Down syndrome, is connecting to other parents who are traveling along a similar journey. So we hope 21_Connect can play a small part in that.

Sometimes, our world isn’t friendly to perceived differences in people. Whether it be gender, skin color, religion, a physical or mental disability. We all have differences, and we think we should celebrate those unique qualities. So we see today, World Down Syndrome Day, as an opportunity to do just that.

Individuals with Down syndrome can, and do, achieve remarkable things everyday. Advances in medical care, improvements in early intervention therapy services, and open minded approaches to education models like inclusive classroom learning opportunities are all providing remarkable gains in quality of life for people with Down syndrome.

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