A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Laura Kilgus from 9ten Photography donates her time to her local Down Syndrome Community in Rhode Island and does mini-photo shoots for children with Down syndrome and their families.  She is an award winning photographer and the sister of one of our parents.  She graciously donated her time and talents to our local community.  Enjoy the photos … Continue reading A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Lions and Tigers and BEARS, OH MY!

There are new friends joining the First_Connections Welcome Baskets!  The First_Connections program gives families a joyful, informative, and useful collection of goodies for both new born babies and parents to welcome them into the world of Down syndrome.  Thanks to Mary, Laura, Kathy, Maryann, Lynn, Bonnie, and Mary L. for donating their time and talents to … Continue reading Lions and Tigers and BEARS, OH MY!

A Video Message for Iceland

CBS News shared a story about Iceland completely ‘eradicating’ people with Down Syndrome from their population. According to the article, 100% of babies diagnosed with Down Syndrome in Iceland are aborted. Whether or not this alarming statistic is true, the fact remains- expectant parents are being misled and misinformed about what life is like with … Continue reading A Video Message for Iceland

Create an Inclusive IEP for the new School Year

We are very excited to announce that Sara Jo Soldovieri, Taishoff Inclusive Education Fellow at National Down Syndrome Society and head of the National Down Syndrome Society’s Inclusive Education Task Force, has offered to come to Buffalo on Saturday August 26th. She will meet with parents for a general presentation style ‘talk’, and/or one-on-one session, in order … Continue reading Create an Inclusive IEP for the new School Year