Inclusive Education at its Finest!!

Cody Sullivan graduated from Concordia University this past weekend.  He’s the first student with Down syndrome to graduate college in just four years in Oregon. Cody received a certificate of achievement in Elementary Education thanks to the West Coast Think College coalition program.  The program works with colleges and universities to include students with intellectual disabilities … Continue reading Inclusive Education at its Finest!!

Why Inclusive Schooling Should Become the Reality

My son, Paul, has already started his journey with inclusive schooling. There is a local pre-K for 2-year-olds Paul attends where he has been completely embraced. If Paul doesn’t have the muscle support to sit at a table, they bring the table to the ground and all the students sit with him. If Paul needs … Continue reading Why Inclusive Schooling Should Become the Reality

Create an Inclusive IEP for the new School Year

We are very excited to announce that Sara Jo Soldovieri, Taishoff Inclusive Education Fellow at National Down Syndrome Society and head of the National Down Syndrome Society’s Inclusive Education Task Force, has offered to come to Buffalo on Saturday August 26th. She will meet with parents for a general presentation style ‘talk’, and/or one-on-one session, in order … Continue reading Create an Inclusive IEP for the new School Year

What’s Your Inclusion Story?

As part of the National Down Syndrome Society’s Inclusive Education Initiative, 21_Connect is collecting stories, both good and bad, about inclusion. These stories will be used to influence federal and state educational legislation priorities with the hopes that our nation will begin to embrace differences within our schools. If you have a story about a child … Continue reading What’s Your Inclusion Story?

NDSS Task Force

Congratulations to our own Emily Mondschein for being selected to join the National Down Syndrome Society’s First-Ever National Inclusive Education Task Force for Students with Down Syndrome.  The task force includes robust, diverse membership of self-advocates, parents, educators, administrators and academics and strives to ensure all children with Down syndrome get the same educational opportunities as … Continue reading NDSS Task Force